I'm a second year PhD student in Stony Brook's department of Computer Science. Since obtaining my BSE and MSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania, I've been increasingly interested in the security implications of emerging medical technologies. I've recently joined the Ethos Lab, led by Professor Amir Rahmati, and my focus spans security, machine learning, and biology.
Prior to joining Stony Brook, I worked as a data scientist for the tech consulting company Tessella Inc on a variety of exploratory analytics projects. I also helped found Shock Analytics LLC, a startup aimed at developing a non-invasive technology to better detect cardiovascular failure.
Things I've Done This Year
Graduate Coursework
Teaching Assistantships
Azarion AA, Wu J, Davis KA, Pearce A, Krish VT, Wagenaar J, Chen W, Zheng Y, Wang H, Lucas TH, Litt B, Gee JC. An open-source automated platform for three-dimensional visualization of subdural electrodes using CT-MRI coregistration. Epilepsia. Dec 2014